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Token & Roadmap

Token distribution

We believe a free distribution model to be the most transparent way to distribute FLC, providing commitment from the team and community that the value of FLC will not be artificially set via an internally agreed upon ICO price; but instead the value in which we bring through product development to the evolving ecosystem in which we believe in.

Network Governance

We imagine FLC token holders to be involved in quarterly suggestion sessions where they can suggest proposals regarding the future development of the Fulcrum chain as well as suggest new chains to be made compatible within the Fulcrum ecosystem. As we believe smart contracts offer a safe and fair solution to all parties during the suggesting process, we plan to develop smart contracts to which FLC token holders could send their coins to vote on proposals.


Our Fulcrum Wallet offers all users the ability to earn up to 10% annual interest on their coins/tokens by staking them. Here’s how it works: in order to enter the stake period, you need to first store your tokens for 30 consecutive days. During this waiting period, you can still receive coins, but should not send them. After 30 days you can claim your interest.


Fulcrum aims to deliver and deploy plug and play blockchains that are customizable to the client’s preferences. This creates an important part of our token economy as it enables our community to provide services to the network in form of masternodes. A Masternode is a type of full node that offers various services to the network and is compensated by the network for this service.

Technological Roadmap


Q2 2018

– Airdrop Distribution
– Completion of white paper;
– Expansion of core team;


Q3 2018

– Enterprise loyalty/rewards blockchain blue paper
– Distribution of tokens following internal and external audit
– Token Burn
– Complete compliance work
– Early bird round of masternode applications
– Exchange Listing
– Coinmarketcap
– Continuous development of core community
– Strategic Partnership Development Plan
– Call for craftsman developers to join our journey
– Private investment round (to buy back tokens and boost the ecosystem)


Q4 2018

– Enterprise loyalty rewards blockchains: alpha release and audit (Wallets/ Explorer/ Payment integration/ Dashboard/ Mobile integration)
– Masternodes launch
– Loyalty rewards blockchain pilot release with 3 enterprise customers
– Loyalty network token exchange
– Smart contracts/SDK toolkit: access to decentralized storage
– Blockchain powered marketplace platforms (e-commerce, app store, .etc) blue paper
– Participation at blockchain conferences
More exchange listings


Q1 2019

– Continue marketing and deployment of loyalty/rewards blockchains
– Blockchain powered marketplace platforms: alpha release and audit
– Smart contracts/SDK toolkit: access to oracle network
– Masternode applications and deployment round
– Blockchain powered marketplace platforms pilot release
-Enterprise supply chain blockchain blue paper


Q2 2019

– More exchange listings
– Enterprise supply chain blockchain: alpha release and audit
– New Masternode applications and deployment round
– Enterprise supply chain blockchain pilot release
– Securing critical partnerships
– Public records blockchain blue paper


Q3 2019

– New features for our BaaS (Blockchain as a Service offerings)
– Access to decentralized cloud compute services: alpha release
– Public records blockchain: alpha release and audit
– Public records blockchain pilot release with 3 government agencies
– Continue marketing efforts and onboarding new enterprise clients


Q4 2019

– New exchange listings
– New team members
– Managed masternodes services
– Built in cryptocurrency exchange
– New wallets
– Participation at blockchain conferences
– Enterprise Audit – reporting and compliance blue paper


Q1 2020

– Fulcrum Governance system
– New masternode applications and deployment round
– Enterprise Audit: alpha release