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The Whitepaper provides an end-to-end picture of the Fulcrum project – from its origins and motivation through to its token sale and roadmap providing a technical treatment of Fulcrum’s core technology. If you have any comments on or questions about this whitepaper please do not hesitate to contact us on discord or telegram.

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Fulcrum Executive Summary

The executive summary is an at-a-glance fact sheet summarizing everything important about our business. The report details the core of our business and answers key questions relating to the critical points of your business model.

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Customer Loyalty Programs powered by Blockchain

As the world is gearing up for core financial applications via blockchain, loyalty programs are less risky and ripe for blockchain implementation. Augmenting the legacy systems of these programs with an adaptive blockchain platform provides the ability to share value between earning and redemption partners more easily and efficiently than ever before building the future of customer experience. Fulcrum is developing an end-to-end, serviced, and equipped blockchain loyalty platform that will appeal to clients in various industries. For more details read the blue paper.

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Brand Manual

The Fulcrum Brand manual comprises the most relevant aspects of our brand, both related to the brand itself and its visual elements, containing our brand’s promise, mission, vision and values, its tone of voice and editorial style. It will also include clear rules on how to use the logo, how to write the tagline, what fonts and colors can be used. In a brand manual should be found everything that is of importance for a company.

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download since its first lauch.

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The platform is independent and can scale completely separate from the token. We decided to begin as an ERC20 for ease of adoptability from exchanges, wallets etc. While Ethereum is a decentralized virtual computer that can run applications, Fulcrum is a toolkit that allows existing companies to easily onboard themselves to the blockchain space. To further simplify: If Ethereum/Bitcoin is analogous to the internet, think of Fulcrum as Squarespace.

Fulcrum is a complete toolkit that allows existing companies to easily onboard themselves to the blockchain space. Think Windows or Amazon Web Services for Blockchain.

Our marketing plan is heavily based on increasing our brand value prop and just focusing on educating the space. We believe in our product and will let it speak for itself. We do not want to play the speculating, fud, fomo game that is seemingly predominant within this space. When things happen though we will definitely let everyone know, and trust me. everyone will know.

We have a number of plans for this as Fulcrum is built to be very flexible – as an example, we’re already building out of the box interactions with existing decentralized blockchain platforms in very interesting ways, as well as integrations of deterministic VMs…

We choose to do things differently, with different priorities in mind, and a macro view about blockchain and what it supposed to do – liberate and decentralize from old models. We are choosing an airdropped distribution model because we are genuinely commited to improve the blockchain technology, and drive it into mainstream adoption.

The starting value of the token, will be inherently decided by the community at least in the starting days, and it will be a mental representation of the token’s potential, influenced by the choice to hold or sell and other variables. Anyhow we predict that in the first months they won t have a significant price point, but we as we start iterating milestones from the roadmap, start cultivating partnerships and onboard the first clients, the value will spike as the demand and popularity increases. An external consulting agency that we are working with, forecasts a 1 usd price in about 14-15 months given our developmental roadmap, positioning and marketing strategies. But it s crypto – the wild west of the modern world – we are just focusing on doing our thing, the economics will follow.

We will always introduce new ways to work and reward the community via our development bounties which we will announce on our medium publication. Stay in the touch with the news.