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About Us

who we are

Fulcrum is an innovative Belgium-based startup led by industry pioneers – including founders and early adopters of blockchain projects. With insights and experience going as far back as the beginning of the blockchain, we enable enterprises to scale digital transformation across their organization by creating custom-built blockchain applications that deliver on the promise of innovation.

what we do

Fulcrum alongside its customers, partners, and the developer community is accelerating blockchain’s enterprise adoption, by providing an all-in-one infrastructure that allows companies to rapidly build blockchain prototypes all they way to production environments

In conclusion, we want to build a high-performance solution with technology features required by businesses, fully compliant, secure, and its token value must be directly tied to value generated by its own community (rather than generic use and trading alone, or other indirect factors). In the case of Fulcrum Blockchain the value of the token is directly influenced by the community itself.

our vision

Never disregard the power of a few committed individuals to change and disrupt existing models. Since our inception, with the autonomy to develop our strategy, pivot, invest in growing a technology team and go through the necessary research and development phases, we started to build the foundation for the next generation enterprise Dapps. Fulcrum believes that its innovation via an interconnection of pre-existing frameworks will assist in greatly promoting the development and adoption of blockchain technology, allowing digital assets to flow freely at a scale yet to be realized in the blockchain industry. To hammer this point home, we will stop talking vision, and show you the code.

Management team

The Fulcrum project brings together members of various backgrounds from mathematicians to researchers and developers all contributing with their skillset to the ongoing development. Mr. Martin and Mr Harris are responsible for managing the company, formulating and executing long-term strategies, and interacting with clients, employees, investors and other stakeholders.

Ben Harris


Ben has over 25 years of strategy and business consulting experience.  Ben’s professional experience is focused on business strategy development, operating model design and large scale transformation programmes. He has spent over 18 years  helping leading clients with business transformation, operational performance and IT  in both the public and private sectors.

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Alex Martin

Alex provided professional consultancy and development services to e-commerce retailers for the last decade. Over the years he founded start-ups and built turnarounds into multiple million-dollar companies.  At Fulcrum, Alex is the driving force behind ensuring the company has the right technology partnerships, talent and service capabilities to deliver practical blockchain solutions that meet clients expectations.

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