Token Use Cases

The token at the heart of the Fulcrum blockchain ecosystem is the FLC token. The Fulcrum ecosytem is open-sourced. The FLC represent a tokenized license for interaction with Fulcrum commercial platform services. The tokens will be issued and provided to the public via an open airdrop.


FLC tokens will be used by developers and organizations to interact with the Fulcrum commercial platform products and services (e.g. launch nodes, provision smart contracts, buy libraries from marketplace , etc.).

As a tokenized license with value in utility service rights, the tokens will further allow individuals or organization to be rewarded in an open market for running public or private nodes for network consensus.

FLC will be used to reward and incentivize developers contributing to the open source project and related projects. The tokens will be used to increase adoption in the developer community with rewards and training. Community members will be able to contribute on issues and designs, and reward active participation in the development of important functionality anywhere in the world.

airdrop token distribution

We believe a free distribution model to be the most transparent way to distribute FLC, providing commitment from the team and community that the value of FLC will not be artificially set via an internally agreed upon ICO price; but instead the value in which we bring through product development to the evolving ecosystem in which we believe in.

We burnt the remaining supply that is not airdropped was as a counter balance to the effects of market inflation.

network governance

We imagine FLC token holders to be involved in quarterly suggestion sessions where they can suggest proposals regarding the future development of the Fulcrum chain as well as suggest new chains to be made compatible within the Fulcrum ecosystem. As we believe smart contracts offer a safe and fair solution to all parties during the suggesting process, we plan to develop smart contracts to which FLC token holders could send their coins to vote on proposals.

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