Our Team

Meet the Fulcrum Team

Ben Harris


Ben’s professional experience is focused on business strategy development, operating model design and large scale transformation programmes. He has spent over 18 years helping leading clients with business transformation, operational performance and IT in both the public and private sectors.

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Alex Martin


Alex is responsible for leading the vision of and providing leadership towards system-wide technology and a stable infrastructure portfolio. Alex collaborates both externally with clients and internally with key team leaders to help drive the direction of platforms, products and partners.

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Gabriel Dubois


Gabriel is an experienced software developer who manages and oversees the development of various plug-and-play blockchain solutions developed in-house. He also drafts the lifecycle for different prospective client solutions — including market research, development, design, evaluation, testing and transition into production.

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Adam Cole


Adam is Fulcrum’s chief operating officer, responsible for leading the company’s business operations globally, executing Fulcrum’s business strategy and ensuring operational excellence company-wide

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Blockchain Developer

Fulcrum is seeking a senior backend engineer to oversee and continue development on our custom blockchain system. Our stack is 100% Python for ease of development and adoption by the community. As an open source software company, our fortè is in developing an engineering focused culture that is eager to pickup industry unknown problem domains and master them. Some of the problems that we solve include decentralized networking, open governance models, and smart contracting design. Each step forward provides a new and exciting problem landscape to solve.

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