Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain distributed ledger infrastructure and services that enable you to design, deliver, and run enterprise blockchain workloads quickly and easily.


Key features

Fulcrum is an end-to-end platform allowing companies to activate a decentralized blockchain network in record time providing the easiest, lowest-risk gateway to experimenting with distributed ledger technology.

Blockchain Interoperability

The enterprise market greets the flexibility offered by Fulcrumchain which is providing a truly cross-chain environment.


Our platform runs on serverless architecture to enable simple and powerful scaling,via Amazon AWS to run business logic.


The modularity of our architecture enables network designers to choose specific implementations for desired use-case requirements

Ease of

We offer businesses a “turn-key” product that is compatible with their development stack (Python, Java, Node, Go or C+)


5 levels of network consensus on different blockchains provides the ultimate security for sensitive business data.


As a protocol layer Fulcrumchain can be integrated to any block- chain,expanding the ecosystem and value of the network.

Plug and play

Fulcrum is developing end-to-end blockchain solutions. Our loyalty rewards blockchain platform is adressing a 3 billion market.


Auto-provisioning of infrastructure dependencies a high availability configuration and restart with zero-downtime patching.

Full lifecycle of blockchain solution development

The Fulcrum Blockchain Platform builds on top of key open-source architectures leveraging Corda, Hyperledger and Dragonchain’s capabilities to provide the necessary infrastructure for developing, operating and governing enterprise solutions.

PoC Development

Fulcrum assists you in defining whether blockchain is the right fit for adoption by your organization. We will then build and test a proof of concept and validate various technical approaches that addresses your needs.

Minimum Viable Product

Fulcrum builds a working solution for you to get an early feedback from end users and prove our solution feasibility.Test your blockchain idea in real-life in just under 30 working days built by our engineers.

Production ready Infrastructure

We provide you with the programming of scalable and distributed applications and custom-built protocols. Additionally, we support you throughout the entire process of integration and adaptation of blockchain technology into your legacy company systems.


We offer advice on the strategic employment of blockchain technology based on a thorough analysis of your company's profile whilst drafting along our ideas of development. We will assess the potential of blockchain technology in your company and discuss possibilities of optimization.


See what we are cooking!


Q2 2018

-Airdrop Distribution Done

-Whitepaper completed & Business vision outlined. Done

-1.3 M Seed Round from VC's and angel investors. Done

-Business Intelligence report; Product positioning and adoption strategy Done


Q3 2018

-Ledgio - permissioned implementation of Ethereum Done

-Ako - high performance EVM based blockchain Done

-Enterprise loyalty/rewards blockchain blue paper Done

-Distribution of tokens following internal and external audit

-Early bird round of PoC masternode applications Done

-Complete compliance work Done

-Continuous development of core community Done

-Strategic Partnership Development Plan Done

-Call for developers Done

-Exchange Listing

-Token Burn


Q4 2018

-Synth - deploy and manage private blockchains for enterprise

-Paket - Enterprise Grade Distributed Smart Contract Package Manager

-Smart contracts/SDK toolkit: access to decentralized storage

-Phaser Javascript and Python development library SDK on top of Tendermint

-Blue paper end-to-end enterprise blockchain solutions for development, testing and deployment.

-Enterprise loyalty rewards blockchains Proof of Concept

-Agatha Blockchain Enterprise Suite 

-Series A investment round


-Agatha: alpha release

-Agatha: audit and testnet

-Smart contract/SDK toolkit acces to oracle network

-Masternode applications and deployment round

-FulcrumIoT Blockchain as a Service - Blue paper


Q1 2019

-Agatha: alpha release

-Agatha: audit and testnet

-Smart contract/SDK toolkit acces to oracle network

-Masternode applications and deployment round

-FulcrumIoT Blockchain as a Service - Blue paper

-Agatha: mainnet


Q2 2019

-More exchange listings

-Fulcrum IoT BaaS production release

-RESTful APIs for Interacting with the Agatha Network

-Fulcrum Compute - Blue paper serverless and decentralized fog computing


Q3 2019

-Fulcrum Compute production release

-New features for our BaaS (Blockchain as a Service offerings)

-Marketing and enterprise expansion

-New team members


Q4 2019

-New exchange listings

-Blockchain platform interoperability with other blockchain platforms

-Fulcrum Marketplace - blockchain powered marketplace platforms paper

-Fulcrum Digital/Public Records Storage blockchain blue paper (public)

-Fulcrum Supply chain blockchain blue paper

-New team members


The team behind Fulcrum has a diverse background in tech that collectively makes them perfectly positioned to deliver a project of this magnitude. With operations in Brussels the team has the track record, insight and expertise to build a platform designed to meet the highest standards of one of the most complex and highly regulated industries in the world.

Ben’s professional experience is focused on business strategy development, operating model design and large scale transformation programmes. He has spent over 18 years helping leading clients with business transformation, operational performance and IT in both the public and private sectors.

Alex is responsible for leading the vision of and providing leadership towards system-wide technology and a stable infrastructure portfolio. Alex collaborates both externally with clients and internally with key team leaders to help drive the direction of platforms, products and partners.

Gabriel is an experienced software developer who manages and oversees the development of various plug-and-play blockchain solutions developed in-house. He also drafts the lifecycle for different prospective client solutions — including market research, development, design, evaluation, testing and transition into production.

Adam is Fulcrum’s chief operating officer, responsible for leading the company’s business operations globally, executing Fulcrum’s business strategy and ensuring operational excellence company-wide.

Adam Cole


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In this new age of blockchain, Fulcrum is the trusted partner that can guide you on your blockchain journey, and help point you towards what’s next.

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