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Blockchain distributed ledger infrastructure and services that enable you to design, deliver, and run enterprise blockchain workloads quickly and easily.Fulcrum is the only business-ready end to end platform allowing companies to activate a decentralized blockchain network in record time providing the easiest, lowest-risk gateway to experimenting with distributed ledger technology.

Blockchain Interoperability

Conservative enterprise decision-makers don’t want to risk selecting a single chain just yet; why choose one chain that might limit future options? The enterprise market wants the flexibility offered by Fulcrumchainis which is providing a truly cross-chain environment by creating a way to transfer value between assets, whether centralised (stocks, bonds, other traditional financial assets) or decentralised (blockchain tokens and cryptocurrencies).

Serverless Architecture for Unlimited Scalability

Scalability is particularly crucial in the context of enterprise systems handling large volumes of mission critical data. Fulcrum’s TPS is theoretically unbounded by leveraging a serverless architecture to enable simple and powerful scaling via Amazon AWS or Google App Engine to run business logic.

Enterprise Level Security

One of the major barriers to enterprise adoption of the blockchain is the risk associated with data exposure and security. Fulcrum’s platform allows a project to control exposure of sensitive business data and smart contract logic. Network consensus is achieved through 5 step context based verification on different blockchains, where private data in the transaction is kept private, while in the end the transaction can be recorded on public ledger.

Fast Deployment

Existing systems don’t have to change their programming language, business rules, or engineering best practices to reap the benefits of Fulcrum. As a protocol layer, the blockchain agnostic character of Fulcrum opens up the opportunity for any blockchain in the space to integrate, increasing the reach of the ecosystem and value of the network in return.

Modular Infrastructure

The modularity of Fulcrum architecture enables network designers to choose specific implementations to meet desired use-case requirements across different industries. We build on top of key open-source architectures leveraging Corda, Hyperledger and Dragonchain’s capabilities to provide the necessary infrastructure for developing, operating and governing enterprise solutions.


Ease of Integration

We aim to give businesses a “turn-key” product that is compatible with their development stack (Python, Java, Node, Go or C+) and a platform designed as a multi-tier blockchain solution in a new era of inter-linked blockchain databases that adapts & scale to their business requirements.

Full Technical Specifications

Why Fulcrum

We view Fulcrum as the ideal platform for integrating the benefits of blockchain with existing enterprise software solutions because it has been consciously designed to feature all the critical range of capabilities a company would need.

Accelerate Growth

Increase business velocity with a trusted network for B2B transactions & real-time data sharing.

Faster Automation

Automatically trigger actions, events, and even payments based on preset conditions, speeding up business processes.

Simplify Development

Cut development time and experiment easily with modular, preconfigured networks and infrastructure.

Increased efficiency and speed

Enable new business models and revenue streams by leveraging blockchain cappabilities to to reach new markets.

Innovate with Confidence

Keep your data secure and scale when you need to, on a trusted, globally available serverless architecture.

Increased Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into distributed transactions across your authorized business network with a shared immutable ledger.

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